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Texas 18 Wheeler Crashes

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18 Wheeler Crashes on Texas Highways

18 Wheeler Crashes on Texas Highways 

18 Wheeler Crashes Are More Common Than You Think

The last thing you expect when trying to get across the Lone Star State on the highway is to be in an accident with an 18-wheeler, but these accidents happen more than you might think. The 18 wheeler crashes attorneys at Holladay Law Firm are standing by to consult with you about a potential case. Our attorneys could determine what compensation you might be entitled to, and cover you every step of the way from injury to full compensation.

Large Trucks are Dangerous and Cause Substantial Injury and Death in Accidents

When it comes to crashes involving large trucks, the outcome can be especially dangerous for all parties involved.  Especially occupants of traditional passenger vehicles. The significantly higher weight and operating height of large trucks make them substantially more likely to cause serious injury or death. The higher height of trucks can also lead to overriding or underride collisions, further increasing the level of fatalities experienced in motor vehicle collisions between passenger vehicles and large trucks.

If you have been in an accident with a large truck and suffered injuries or lost a loved one to an accident with a large truck, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and losses. Knowing what compensation you are entitled to requires a careful assessment of the unique facts and circumstances of your case and may require follow-up medical evaluations, referrals to specialists, and collection of evidence from the other driver through depositions and other measures. Legal knowledge and know-how are required to complete much of this process, which is where your truck accident attorney provides you great value.

Drowsy and Fatigued 18 Wheeler Drivers are Common Concerns

Individuals who are operating large trucks have a responsibility to engage in careful and attentive driving while on the road. Drivers of 18-wheelers are required to have commercial drivers’ licenses that reflect a greater degree of skill and knowledge in order to be allowed to operate vehicles that weigh many tons and can require a quarter mile or more to stop when needed.

To ensure that truck drivers are able to be attentive on the road, they are prohibited from driving while drowsy. When truck drivers have insufficient rest periods between their shifts, they may become drowsy, which can slow reaction times to emergency situations on the road and take attention away from driving.

Truck driver sleeping in his cabin after working long routes overtime. Sleepy trucker taking a nap on a bed inside truck transporter. Lack of sleep.

When truck drivers have insufficient rest periods between their shifts, they may become drowsy.

Knowing when you have been hit by a drowsy driver can be difficult to prove, as you cannot easily know how much sleep the truck driver had or how long between their shifts they had taken off. Your attorney collects the evidence you need by asking questions like these through depositions and other forms of evidence collection to support the best outcome of your case.

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