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3 reasons spinal cord injuries from crashes lead to lawsuits

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2023 | Spinal Cord Injuries

Motor vehicle collisions are one of the leading causes of spinal cord injuries in Texas. Those who develop a spinal cord injury will often require not just an insurance claim but also compensation secured through a personal injury lawsuit.

Taking another driver, their employer or a third party that caused a collision to court is sometimes the only way for those with a spinal cord injury to afford the care and support they require while adjusting to life with their new medical limitations. Even though every driver in Texas should have liability insurance coverage that will provide coverage for injury-related expenses, those with severe injuries, like spinal cord injuries, often find that coverage isn’t enough based on their needs.

Why are lawsuits often essential to the recovery of those with crash-related spinal cord injuries?

Care costs can reach seven figures

People often underestimate the amount of medical care required after a spinal cord injury. They may not realize that most people will require hundreds of thousands of dollars in care in the first year after their injury or more and that they will have major expenses every year for the rest of their lives. The extent of the injury and its placement on the spine will influence average costs, but people can anticipate their healthcare needs adding up to more than 10 times the minimum bodily injury coverage required by Texas state law.

Victims’ careers can take a hit

Those with severe injuries often experience a marked reduction in their long-term earning potential. Those in physically-demanding, blue-collar professions may become completely unable to continue performing the same job that has allowed them to support themselves and their family previously. Those in other professions may find that they cannot continue pursuing the best opportunities because of their limitations or because of how much work they need to miss for medical care. Changes in profession or a decision to leave outside work early in life could significantly reduce someone’s long-term earning potential.

Victims need special accommodations

A spinal cord injury will make it harder for someone to live independently. They need a home that is accessible, from the front door to the bathroom. They all need a vehicle that they can easily enter or operate while using crutches or a wheelchair. The cost for such accommodations can easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars or even more.

It is likely that the only way to ensure that the party who caused the crash takes responsibility for those expenses is often to pursue a lawsuit against them. Determining how much of a financial impact spinal cord injuries will have can help people pursue rightful compensation successfully after a major Texas crash.