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Of the many types of traffic accidents, motorcycle crashes most often result in serious injuries or death. In fact, injuries are reported in approximately 98% of all motorcycle accidents, and the victims are overwhelmingly the riders themselves. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a motorcycle rider is eight times more likely to be injured and 37 times more likely to die in a motorcycle accident than the occupant of a car in an automobile accident.

If you were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver in Texas, contact the Holladay Law Firm, PLLC, to discuss your legal options. My name is Jason Holladay, an injury attorney who works to help people get the medical and financial recovery they need and deserve. From my law office serving Spring, The Woodlands and surrounding areas, I maintain a network of knowledgeable engineers, accident reconstructionists, medical and forensic experts, rehabilitation experts and others who help me strengthen my client’s claims and maximize their recovery.

Common Injuries And Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

In many two-vehicle motorcycle accidents, negligent and inattentive drivers are to blame. Typical crash scenarios include the following factors:

  • Improper turns by other drivers
  • Drunk driving and driving after using illegal drugs
  • Drowsy and fatigued drivers of trucks and other vehicles
  • Distracted driving, including eating, drinking, manipulating radio dials, grooming or using cellphones
  • Failure to keep a lookout for motorcyclists
  • Driving too close to motorcyclists and passing without leaving a buffer

Injuries can range from road rash and broken bones to traumatic brain injury and paralysis. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, one or more parties may be held liable for injuries. In each case, I conduct a thorough investigation and gather the necessary evidence to prove fault and to help you recover compensation.

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I am a former insurance defense attorney as well as a U.S. Navy veteran. I do not give up when pursuing justice for my clients, and I am passionate about fighting for those who have been wronged. My track record includes extensive experience overcoming resistance from insurance companies to maximize financial recovery for injured motorcyclists and other clients.

I represent motorcyclists with serious and catastrophic injuries as well as family members after fatal crashes. Contact me today so I can help you and your family get started on the road to recovery. Call 1-800-900-3319 or send an email inquiry to schedule a free initial consultation.