Attorney Jason Holladay

Experienced Legal Counsel For Victims Of Oil And Gas Industrial Injuries

The gas and oil industry has long dominated the area of Texas that includes Houston and its surrounding communities. This industry couldn’t survive without brave men and women who risk their safety and even their lives in dangerous working conditions – basically, anywhere drilling, extracting, transporting or refining gas and oil is going on. When something goes wrong and someone is injured or killed, the financial and legal repercussions ripple out, affecting entire families and work crews.

If you or your loved one has been injured or if your spouse, parent or child has been killed in oil or gas drilling sites or refining facilities, you have a difficult road ahead. Thankfully, this can be easier to navigate with an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. My name is Jason Holladay, founder of the Holladay Law Firm, PLLC. When you hire my firm, I do everything in my power to help you and your family secure the compensation you need and deserve. You can focus on healing and leave the rest to me.

Common Injury Scenarios Around Gas And Oil Drilling Sites, Rigs And Refineries

Did your or your family member’s accident have to do with an offshore rig in the Gulf of Mexico, an oilfield drilling site anywhere in Texas, or a fracking operation in the Permian basin in west Texas? I will consult with oil and gas industry experts while investigating your case after an accident such as:

  • A petroleum blowout explosion resulting in blunt force injuries, burns and other injuries and fatalities, including drownings and hypothermia
  • A fire on an offshore oil rig resulting in burn injuries and other types
  • A toxic exposure event triggered by an accident involving gas or oil storage or transport

At the same time, I will gather information from your medical care providers or your loved one’s coroner regarding:

I will dig deep to discover who is responsible to compensate you. Liable parties may include parts manufacturers, subcontractors, delivery personnel, inspectors who did not relay red flags to the right people, and others whose negligence ultimately proved hazardous or fatal to you or your loved one.

Let Me Help Put You On The Path To Compensation

Through investigations, claim preparation and advocacy in dispute resolution forums such as mediation or trial, I will fight to help you recover the compensation you need and deserve after an oil or gas-related accidental injury. To schedule a free consultation, call 1-800-900-3319 or email me. My firm has offices in Spring and The Woodlands, and I serve the surrounding areas of Texas.