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Truck Drivers Can Get Distracted

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Why Truck Drivers Get Distracted and Crash

Why Truck Drivers Get Distracted and Crash

Driving while distracted is a common cause of auto accidents. However, when crashes occur due to the actions of a distracted truck driver, the consequences could be fatal. But what can cause truck drivers to get distracted while driving?

We all know about the dangers that distracted driving poses. But when truck drivers cause accidents because they were distracted, the outcome is usually catastrophic not only for the driver but for pedestrians and other motorists as well.

Plenty of reports and studies have indicated that distracted driving is actually more hazardous than drunk driving or driving under the influence. In automotive accidents, even a single second could mean the difference between avoiding an accident and causing a tragic accident.

The potential risks become even more severe when truckers drive while they’re distracted because of the force and weight of the trucks that they drive. This is why distracted truck driving commonly leads to fatal accidents or very serious accidents resulting in extensive damage and injuries.

Common Reasons for Distracted Driving

While distractions can happen in many different ways, the following are some examples of common distractions for commercial truck drivers:

  • Truck Driver Fatigue – Truckers or long-distance truck drivers drive for days on end, so they’re very susceptible to fatigue from all the driving and sitting they do while on the job. If a trucker fails to take reasonable care of himself, fatigue can easily set in and cause the driver to get distracted and, in turn, get into an accident.
  • External Events or Objects – Even taking a look at something in the trucker’s surroundings can be a distraction, causing the driver to miss a vehicle that slowed down in front of them or veer off their lane.
  • Using Phones or other Electronic Devices – Using electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets when driving is illegal because it takes the driver’s eyes and mind off the road and one hand from operating the vehicle.
  • Drinking or Eating – These activities require coordination, take the trucker’s hands off the wheel, and require looking away from the road. These actions may lead to slower response times, in turn, an increased risk of the driver missing other vehicles changing lanes, stopping, or slowing down.
  • Searching or Reaching for Things – Drivers can easily get distracted when they’re reaching down, up, or back to search for objects inside the truck. This action will require drivers to take their focus off the road. They may also accidentally turn the wheel.
  • Using a GPS Navigation System or Reading a Map – Looking at a map or the screen of a GPS navigation system is very distracting because the driver will need to constantly take his eyes off the road.

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