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Trucking accidents include crashes with large vehicles such as 18-wheelers, dump trucks, box trucks, freightliner trucks and bucket trucks. A driver of one of these vehicles must possess a commercial driver’s license or CDL. Commercial drivers are held to a much higher standard than other drivers, and there are numerous federal and state laws that apply specifically to them when they are behind the wheel during a trucking accident.

Because of the highly technical nature of 18-wheeler and other trucking accident cases, it is crucial to hire an experienced truck accident attorney like me, Jason Holladay. I have an in-depth knowledge of the law and significant experience with truck accident cases, including years spent as a defense attorney for insurers and large trucking companies. Contact me at the Holladay Law Firm, PLLC, to learn how I can help you with your truck accident claim in Texas.

Truck Accidents Are Often Caused By Truck Driver Or Trucking Company Negligence

When I take your truck accident case, I will conduct a thorough investigation to determine how the accident happened and who was responsible. Accidents involving large trucks such as 18-wheelers are often caused by the negligence of truck drivers and their employers, including:

Due to the large size and weight of trucks, these crashes commonly end in catastrophic injuries or death for occupants of smaller vehicles. I hold truck drivers and trucking companies accountable after their negligence has caused harm to my clients.

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As a former civil defense attorney, I previously represented trucking companies and their insurers in 18-wheeler and other trucking accident cases. I now dedicate my career to representing individuals who have been injured in trucking accidents caused by negligence. Because of my history, I am uniquely qualified to pursue compensation for trucking accident victims who have been injured when trucks crashed into their cars, vans and other vehicles.

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