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Lost wages are not the only job-related losses after a car wreck

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2023 | Car Accidents

After a car crash in Texas, accident victims find themselves in need of financial compensation. They may rely on insurance for some costs. Other times, they may need to take the matter to civil court because the extent of their losses – caused by another’s negligence – exceeds the amount of insurance available.

The bodily injury coverage available on a liability policy will help pay for someone’s medical costs after a crash. It can also cover lost wages. Those seriously hurt in a collision often need to take at least a few days away from their jobs. The more serious someone’s injuries are, the more significant the job-related consequences may be. People may find that they incur more than just a few days of lost wages when a car crash leaves them with a significant injury. What other career-related costs may a collision potentially inspire?

People may have lost earning potential

Not everyone has the option of returning to the same profession after a car crash. In some cases, people have to move into lower-paid jobs or stop working entirely. A loss of future earning potential can easily add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars if someone is in a competitively-paid profession and still has decades before retirement. Once someone also factors in the value of the benefits available in highly compensated roles that generally don’t accompany lower-paid positions, they may find that their total losses go far beyond what insurance will cover.

People may lose out on professional opportunities

Even if someone’s injury will only affect their work attendance or performance for a few months, that can be enough to have a major chilling effect on their career. Despite laws prohibiting employers from considering medical conditions when making employment decisions, companies may look at an extended leave of absence or a downturn in performance after a crash negatively.

A worker may find that their career advancement stalls out after an injury, especially if they need to continue to take leave occasionally for ongoing care, like physical therapy. Someone who once had ambitions to move into management may find that the aftermath of their injuries includes a slower rate of progression toward their career goals.

People need to factor in how injuries and absences may affect their earning potential not just while they are away from work but also after they return. Including all appropriate job-related losses in a car crash claim can help someone secure a reasonable amount of compensation given the impact their injuries will have on their life moving forward.