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Trucking Company Liability Accidents

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Trucking Company Liability for Accidents and Injuries

Trucking Company Liability for Accidents and Injuries

The most common cause of truck crashes in the United States is truck driver error. This means that negligent truck drivers are often found to be liable for the injuries and losses of accident victims. However, truck drivers might have limited insurance coverage, and policy limits restrict the amount of compensation available to victims.

Because truck crashes can cause such severe and catastrophic injuries, the losses of victims can be overwhelming. If policy limits restrict the payment available, it is important to have a truck accident attorney explore other avenues for compensation. One such avenue is holding the trucking company liable whenever possible.

Vicarious Liability

Personal injury law generally holds employers vicariously liable for the negligence of their employees and resulting harm under a legal principle called “respondent superior.” This means that a trucking company does not have to act negligently to share liability – victims must prove that the trucking company employed the driver or owned the truck in question, and liability might be automatic.

Finding the trucking company partly liable for an accident can be highly beneficial for injured accident victims. Corporations usually have much more substantial insurance coverage than individual drivers. If your losses exceed the driver’s policy limits, you can seek the rest of your compensation from the trucking company’s policy.

Trucking Accidents

Respondent superior claims are not always straightforward. You must prove the accident happened in the scope of the truck driver’s employment. For example, if the truck driver was using the truck for personal reasons when they caused the accident, the trucking company can challenge its liability.

Always seek help from an experienced lawyer to discuss your claim options under Texas law.

Trucking Company Negligence

In some cases, trucking company liability stems from negligence on the part of company owners, managers, or employees. Some common examples of trucking company negligence include:

  • Hiring dangerous drivers
  • Allowing unqualified drivers to operate commercial vehicles
  • Failing to conduct the necessary drug and alcohol tests on drivers
  • Failing to discipline drivers for violations of federal trucking regulations
  • Not properly supervising drivers to ensure safety compliance
  • Not adequately inspecting, maintaining, or repairing trucks in the fleet

Trucking companies can be negligent, and their misconduct can lead to truck accidents in a roundabout way. It can be difficult to identify and prove when a trucking company should be held liable for your losses.

Moreover, once you identify a company as a liable party, expect them to put up a fight. You always need the right legal representation in your corner to protect your rights as a truck accident victim.

A Woodland, TX Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

At the Holladay Law Firm, PLLC, we take on complex truck accident claims that involve complicated questions of liability. We work to identify all possible liable parties to ensure that our clients receive the maximum compensation available to cover their losses.

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