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Driving Next To Semi Trucks

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Tips for Driving Alongside Semi-Trucks

Tips for Driving Alongside Semi-Trucks

Can small vehicle drivers drive safely alongside semi-trucks without fearing accidents? Yes, they can, but truck accidents still happen. If you’re injured, learn how a Spring, TX truck accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Did you know that annually, about 4,000 fatal accidents involving large trucks occur on our roads? These large commercial vehicles can cause widespread damage and serious injuries when they crash, and many truck collisions have tragic results. When you drive alongside these huge vehicles on a regular basis, you should know important tips to help you stay safe.

Even if you follow all recommended safety tips, there is still the chance that a truck driver or another party will be negligent and cause an accident. In this situation, learn how a Spring, TX truck accident lawyer can help you with your claim for compensation for your medical bills and other losses. Below are only some of many tips for driving safely near semi-trucks.

Pass Safely

Poor and reckless passing is one of the leading causes of accidents between trucks and smaller vehicles. Therefore, be extra cautious and always pass them on their left side and utilize your signal when doing so. Also, always have sufficient time to navigate your move back in front of the truck safely since these trucks take 40% longer to stop due to their huge nature.

Give the Right of Way

Always give trucks the right of way when the law and traffic rules demand it. It’s safer than trying to rush through and force your way in front of them, as this can lead to serious crashes.

Beware of Blind Spots

You can share the road safely with these large machines by being wary of their blind spots. These “no-zones” exist along all sides of the truck, and you should avoid driving for too long in all these blind spots when possible. You can know if you are safe by ensuring that you can see the driver’s face in the mirror and vice versa.

Never Tailgate a Truck

Never tailgate a truck unless because the possible dangers of a rear-end collision are immense, and it might lead to an underride accident. The truck driver could bump into a situation requiring emergency braking, leaving you with no option but to crash into it, and your car might get wedged under the trailer. In addition, huge debris might drop and hit your car if you are too close behind the truck.

Remain Focused

Avoid all distractions when driving on the road with trucks. Any form of distracted driving could land you in an avoidable crash, especially if the truck driver makes sudden and unexpected moves.

Keep Your Lane

Keeping your car in your intended lane is another way of driving safely on a road full of trucks. If distraction or other conditions cause you to drift out of a lane, the truck driver is unlikely to see your car, and it might cause a crash.

Never Drive Next to Semi-trucks for too Long

Never drive next to a truck if you can avoid it, and pass trucks as swiftly as possible. When you are next to a truck, any mishap can cause the truck to collide with your vehicle.

Talk to a Spring, TX Truck Accident Lawyer after a Crash and Injuries

Despite safe driving, people are still involved in truck accidents every day in the U.S. Don’t hesitate to talk to a Spring, TX truck accident lawyer at Holladay Law Firm if you need legal help with your compensation claim. Contact us for a free consultation today.