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Residential Truck Crashes

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Truck Accidents In Residential Areas

Truck Accidents In Residential Areas

If your lifestyle allows avoiding regularly using highways or interstates, you might think you’re in the clear from facing any commercial truck accidents. However, these crashes and resulting injuries can also happen in residential areas, and you should consult with a Spring, TX truck accident attorney.

But if you think commercial trucking accidents in residential areas are a total afterthought, then you would be sorely mistaken to think that. Understand how commercial truck accidents can still happen in residential areas, the types of commercial trucks most commonly involved, and how a Spring, TX truck accident lawyer can help you beat the odds.

Delivery Trucks

As e-commerce has become increasingly necessary and in-demand amid the COVID-19 pandemic, so too has the demand for delivery truck usage. Unfortunately, the delivery process doesn’t always go as smoothly or swimmingly as we’d like it to. Even residential streets, particularly busier metropolitan streets, can still be subject to motor vehicle collisions.

A delivery truck driver may still incur the misfortune of striking crossing pedestrians or even parked cars. If one of these collisions resulted from preventable negligence, a delivery truck driver may be deemed liable and held to account by a Spring, TX truck accident lawyer.

Garbage Trucks

It would be a pain if we couldn’t count on municipal sanitation services to get our waste off of our hands every week. Unfortunately, garbage trucks have the potential to present a literal pain to residents for all of the same reasons that delivery trucks do.

When you consider that the average garbage truck weighs a whopping 25 tons (per the Department Of Transportation) empty plus an additional nine tons of payload, that means that standing in front of one could present an entire world of hurt.

Even if the hurt doesn’t touch you or your loved ones, it could definitely touch your property. This past October, a 93-year-old Texas woman recently had quite the rude awakening when a garbage truck barreled through her front porch. We’re thankful she was unharmed and hope that she’s since been able to recoup her property damages.

Fire Trucks

Like all emergency first responder vehicles, fire trucks are legally permitted to ride at any speed the driver deems safe and necessary. This is good news for emergency fire victims in urgent need of rescue, but may not be so good news for pedestrians, parked cars, and other motorists sharing the roads.

Very often, it’s not; the Association For The Advancement Of Automotive Medicine estimates that there are around 30,000 annual fire truck crashes every year. As civilian drivers must legally yield the right of way to emergency vehicle drivers, proving negligence will be even more difficult than standard motor vehicle accidents, as will proving it against a local government institution.

This makes quality representation from a Spring, TX truck accident lawyer all the more important a necessity.


Public transit plays an important role in assisting millions of Americans with getting from Point A to Point B. Although non-school bus systems are less common around suburban and rural areas, they offer a viable commute option for countless city residents across the country.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always as straightforward as going from Point A to Point B. At the end of the day, these commercial buses are being operated by humans, just like any other vehicle currently on the road, and humans can still be prone to human error.

If you were struck by a large truck in a residential area thanks to human error, how can you work to rectify that human error?

Have A Fighting Chance With a Spring TX Truck Accident Attorney

Although Texas has a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury cases, you shouldn’t hesitate to act and recover the losses you deserve back. Contact a Spring, TX truck accident lawyer at Holladay Law Firm today to learn more and arrange a free initial case review.