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What Can Cause a Truck to Roll Over

On Behalf of | May 4, 2021 | Truck Accidents

What Can Cause a Truck to Roll Over?

Many factors cause fatal and injurious rollover truck accidents that lead to insurance and legal claims. But no matter the cause, you should stand up for your right to fair compensation and learn how a Spring, TX truck accident lawyer can help you.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that in a recent year, over 17,000 truck rollover accidents occurred in the United States. It adds that a rollover was the “first harmful event” in 4% of all fatal truck accidents and was the “most harmful event” in 6.5% of all fatal truck crashes and 8% of all injurious truck accidents.

But what causes rollover road crashes that prompt survivors to seek help from a Spring, TX truck accident lawyer? Here are the leading causes and how a truck accident attorney could help you win fair compensation.

Poor Road Conditions

Poor road conditions make driving difficult even for the most experienced and careful truck drivers. Some of the highway conditions causing truck rollover crashes include:

  • Very steep roads or downhill turns.
  • Sharp curves or winding roads.
  • Roads with speed limits that are too high.
  • Bumps or debris on the road.

Driver Negligence and Error

According to the FMCSA, driver error and negligence account for over 78% of truck rollover accidents. These errors include making sharp curves or driving too fast for the prevailing road conditions that otherwise require slower driving. Other forms of negligence and errors include driving while drowsy, sick, or fatigued. Distractions like driving while operating the phone, eating, reaching out for objects from the dashboard, and watching billboards also cause rollover accidents.

Thus, the FMCSA proposes these steps to avoid truck rollover crashes:

  • Avoiding abrupt movements.
  • Controlling your load in turns and on straight roadways.
  • Identifying high-risk areas on highways and driving safely through them.
  • Maintaining one’s focus while driving.
  • Controlling speed and maintaining correct speed cushions.

Improper Cargo Loading

Improper cargo loading is another leading cause of truck rollover accidents. Tractor-trailers pulling cargo are more vulnerable to rollovers because of their design. Then, overloading these trucks makes them even more vulnerable because an abrupt shift makes them lose balance and roll over.

Also, any sudden braking of a partially loaded tanker truck makes fluid cargo rush forward, causing rollovers and possible explosions. The FMCSA says that over 94% of rollovers involve partially loaded trucks.

The risk partial loading or overloading poses to trucks applies to both liquid and solid cargo. Therefore, it’s imperative for all loading crews to follow FMCSA’s loading guidelines to minimize rollover risks.

Poor Truck Maintenance

Failing to conduct thorough truck inspection and maintenance before trips also causes rollover accidents. A driver is most likely to cause a rollover crash if they fail to account for the following essential truck parts before trips:

  • Rearview mirrors;
  • Wheels;
  • Windshield wipers;
  • Brakes;
  • Tires;
  • Horn;
  • Emergency equipment;
  • Rims;
  • Steering;
  • Lights and reflectors.

Contact a Spring, TX, Truck Accident Lawyer for Help

Many factors cause truck rollover accidents and resulting injuries. However, victims might have important legal rights to compensation, and a Spring, TX truck accident lawyer at the Holladay Law Firm can assist. Don’t hesitate to contact us for help, seeking just and reasonable compensation for injuries sustained from a truck rollover accident.