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What Causes Helicopter Accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2023 | Aviation Accidents

What Causes Helicopter Accidents?

While most people do not ride helicopters often, they are useful vehicles for tours, media use, medical emergencies, and more. Helicopters can crash like any other type of aviation vehicle, and it is important to contact a Spring, TX aviation accident lawyer for help.

Besides birds, turbulent weather conditions, or other aircraft, there are seldom external obstructions in the air that can cause an aircraft crash. More often than not, these crashes stem from the pilot’s negligence and constitute grounds for a personal injury or wrongful death case. Still, this negligence can manifest in a few ways. It’s essential to understand the common causes of helicopter accidents and reach out to a Spring, Texas Aviation Accident Attorney ASAP.

Pilot Negligence

As stated previously, the overwhelming majority of helicopter accidents result from human error. That human error can manifest through a few kinds of blunders, including:

  • Drowsy flying
  • Intoxicated flying
  • Distracted flying
  • Improper training
  • Loss of control
  • Flying through harsh weather

If a pilot is flying inebriated, tired, nervous, or failing to notice apparent obstructions before crashing, those things will generally be pretty apparent. However, if the pilot chooses to fly despite clear weather warnings or explicit knowledge of technical difficulties that could cause a crash, they are also clear signs of fault.

Mechanical Negligence

Helicopters are complex machines that demand routine maintenance to operate safely and reliably. If a crew cut corners by hiring less experienced mechanics or using cheaper parts that malfunction, those could inadvertently cause an accident and constitute grounds for negligence. Depending on the context, the pilot could be held liable, the manufacturer could be held responsible, or both.

Entity Negligence

As stated above, the pilot themselves may not be at fault for the crash, but their colleagues might be. Mechanics and manufacturers who failed to deliver their due diligence could be held accountable for a helicopter crash. Moreover, miscommunication from an air traffic controller, landing pad, or airfield operator all constitute factors that could lead to an accident.

If a government or government contractor committed these acts of negligence, they may also be liable. Medical and military helicopters typically fly under more frenetic conditions than civilian aircraft, which increases the likelihood of an accident. Since governments perform their own internal investigations and might attempt to obfuscate evidence of wrongdoing, that makes the need to hire an experienced aviation accident attorney all the more critical.


Birds. Other aircraft. Mountains. Trees and towers. Turbulent weather. Air traffic is generally less chaotic than road traffic, but it’s still not without its obstacles. There are times where a pilot will be blindsided by turbulence or a bird strike out of their purview, but in most instances, these obstructions are a straightforward, present danger they failed to account for or account for too late.

In any case, it’s essential that you seek the appropriate legal counsel for any of these accidents, and in Spring, Texas, the choice is clear.

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