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Mountain Bike Accidents Injuries

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Injuries from Mountain Bike Accidents

Injuries from Mountain Bike Accidents

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission continuously recalls defective products like bicycles and their accessories. In August 2021, the commission recalled Marin Mountain Bikes due to its defective bottom bracket that broke with ease exposing riders to fall and crash hazards.

Riders are also exposed to the risk of bicycle accidents due to defective accessories like helmets, frames, or improper assembly. Unfortunately, when riders encounter accidents, they’re likely to be in secluded places, which can aggravate their injury.

If you’re injured due to a defective bicycle or accessory, a bicycle accident lawyer can help pursue compensation under product liability.

Here are common injuries from defective mountain bikes and accessories.

Head Injuries

A helmet protects riders during accidents and reduces the severity of injuries. To that end, a defective helmet increases the risk and severity of head injuries. Bikers can suffer common head injuries like cuts, concussions, head trauma, and brain injuries.

Here’s a breakdown of traumatic brain injuries that can vary based on the level of protection.

  • Mild Injury: It’s characterized by loss of consciousness for a few seconds or minutes. A normal diagnosis may not detect a mild traumatic injury which is why doctors conduct an extra mental functioning assessment.
  • Moderate Injury: The patient can suffer the loss of consciousness for hours or confusion that may last weeks. In addition, victims can suffer long-term complications ranging from physical, cognitive, or behavioral.
  • Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: These injuries result from penetration into the brain or skull. It has life-threatening effects where the victim hardly resumes their everyday life.

Knee Injuries

Knee injuries occur from trauma to single or multiple tissues like tendons, ligaments, bones, cartilage, and muscles. What’s more, knee injuries result from falls, forceful twists, or impacts from an external force.

Defective mountain bikes and accessories accelerate risks like falling or forceful twists associated with knee injuries. As a result, bikers can suffer common injuries like dislocations, fractures, sprains, and tears.

Broken Collarbone

A broken collarbone is a common injury that occurs when a biker falls onto an outstretched hand. Common signs of broken collarbones include pain that increases when the shoulder moves, a stiff shoulder, bruising, or tenderness.

Broken bones may result from falls, and the likelihood of falling increases with a defective bike. What’s more, broken collarbones can injure nerves or blood vessels, resulting in complications.

Wrist Fractures

A wrist fracture is a break or crack in one or more bones in your wrist. Like broken collarbones, wrist fractures occur when a mountain biker lands on an outstretched arm. It’s advisable to seek medical attention urgently – otherwise, the bones might not heal properly, impeding the ability to resume normal activities.

Symptoms of wrist fractures include swelling, bruising, severe pain that worsen upon movement, and bent wrist.

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