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Hurricane Harbor Chemical Leak Injuries

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Injuries Due to Chemical Leak at Hurricane Harbor

Injuries Due to Chemical Leak at Hurricane Harbor

On July 18, 2021, a fun day at the waterpark turned into a nightmare for many people and families. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown in Spring, Texas, was packed with visitors when a chemical leak started causing major problems for those in and around a kiddie pool. Park officials reported that a mixture of 35 percent sulfuric acid and 10 to 13 percent concentrated bleach leaked, exposing patrons to the harmful chemicals.

About 30 people were treated at Memorial Hermann for injuries, which included burning skin irritations, breathing problems, and headaches. Some patients also felt disoriented and dizzy after exposure. More than 100 additional people declined medical transportation but still went through a decontamination process that involved getting hosed down by firefighters. The entire water park was evacuated.

Fortunately, those who received hospital treatment were released, though they will still face medical bills for their treatment, and they should not be responsible for these expenses. One three-year-old was in critical condition due to severe respiratory distress, though they have now been stabilized and released.

Anyone who experienced injuries and losses due to the Hurricane Harbor Splashtown criminal leak should reach out to a Spring personal injury attorney at Holladay Law Firm right away to discuss how to recover from your losses.

How Did the Leak Happen?

Park officials released the types of chemicals released into the pool later that day. A local owner of a pool and spa company weighed in, saying that this is similar to any other chemicals that keep pools clean, though this was significantly more concentrated. When such concentrated chemicals mix with the summer heat of Texas, they can release harmful chlorine gas that can result in respiratory issues and skin irritations.

Generally, at large water parks like Hurricane Harbor Splashtown, all chemicals should be released in a completely safe and controlled manner by automated systems. It seems that something went wrong with the system – or someone made an error – that led to this frightening and harmful event.

Premises Liability Claims and Chemical Exposure

Many businesses and attractions use chemicals for many reasons, including sanitation. Companies are expected to closely regulate these chemicals and how they are used to prevent any chance of harmful exposure to patrons or guests. When a company fails to take proper care and something goes wrong, chemical exposure can cause serious injuries, and companies should be liable under premises liability law.

Those at Hurricane Harbor Splashtown could have suffered much more severe injuries had there been harsher chemicals involved. For example, some toxic chemicals can cause severe and disfiguring burns, as well as chronic health issues.

However, no one’s injuries from Sunday’s chemical leak should be discounted. Everyone involved should keep an eye out to see if they have any lingering symptoms or effects from the chemical leak, and they should seek additional medical care if needed.

Due to its failure to prevent the chemical leak and keep patrons safe, Hurricane Harbor should be responsible for all the losses of injured patrons. These should include:

  • Emergency room bills and hospitalization
  • Time off work due to lingering symptoms
  • Pain and suffering when applicable

You can expect that Hurricane Harbor might try to avoid liability by claiming that patrons assumed the risk of injuries when they entered the park. However, do not back down – instead, seek help from a trusted personal injury lawyer.

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