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Causes Spinal Injuries

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Causes Of Accidental Spinal Injuries

Causes Of Accidental Spinal Injuries

Our spinal cords play an important role, and serious injuries to the spinal cord can lead to devastating, catastrophic repercussions that permeate throughout the entire body. You might have the right to recover for your losses – speak with a Spring, TX spinal cord accident attorney.

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, there are around at least 17,900 new spinal cord injury cases in the United States every year. These types of injuries can pose costly, life-altering ramifications in more ways than one. Financially, the Christopher Reeve Foundation estimates that they could pose a cost of $42,206 to $184,891 per year.

Physically and emotionally, the costs can be incalculably worse. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced, trusted, and reputable Spring, TX personal injury attorney to recoup some of those costs. Find out the most common factors that risk unintentional spinal cord injuries and how a local attorney can help you work through them.

Vehicle Collisions

The NSCISC attributes Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs) as the leading cause of spinal cord injury. It makes sense; when two objects weighing over two tons violently collide with one another at dozens of miles an hour, then that is bound to exert a lot of impact force on any occupants involved in the chaos.

This impact force can lead to a whole host of debilitating, devastating SCI injuries, ranging from moderate chronic pain to dramatically life-altering injuries that could greatly limit one’s ability to walk, move, and care for themselves. Potential SCI injuries in motor vehicle accidents could include:

  • WHIPLASH: Neck, head, and upper back strain that results from violent jerking back and forth.
  • SOFT TISSUE INJURIES: Straining, tearing, or spraining around the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
  • HERNIATED DISC: This occurs when one of the supportive discs around the spine breaks, cracks, ruptures, or slips out of place, causing nerve compression and significant discomfort.
  • COMPRESSION FRACTURE: Causes small cracks or fissures in the bone, and lingering trauma.
  • CATASTROPHIC SPINAL CORD INJURY: The most severe SCI can result in permanent nerve damage and paralysis.

No matter which of these five spinal injuries you’ve suffered, it’s important to seek urgent medical attention ASAP.

Slip And Fall Injuries

Behind motor vehicle accidents, the NSCISC has deemed falls as the close-second leading cause of accidental spinal cord injuries, accounting for 32% of the country’s SCI cases.

These slip and fall injuries commonly stem from unsafe environmental conditions around a property, and if a property owner neglects to attend to these conditions, they could be found liable and held to account by a Spring, TX personal injury attorney.

Common unsafe property conditions that lead to slip and fall injuries could include:

  • Icy sidewalks
  • Wet floors
  • Uneven ladders or stairs
  • Cluttered floors or steps
  • Potholes
  • Poor lighting

If a property owner fails to adequately attend to any of the above issues or fails to implement adequate warning signs of these issues before attending to them, then that constitutes a clear, unambiguous demonstration of negligence on their behalf.

Sports Injuries

Athletes who perform in high-contact and high-agility sports face a considerable risk of suffering SCI injuries. Although most athletes come prepared with adequate safety precautions, taking tackles, checks, punches, kicks, body blows, balls, and pucks on a regular basis is bound to hurt, either a little or a lot.

Sometimes, tragic freak accidents are entirely unavoidable, but if the other player demonstrated negligence, or the league demonstrated negligence by facilitating inadequate safety precautions, they could be found liable in a civil suit. Moreover, if the player demonstrated clear intent and premeditation to seriously injure you, that would obviously cross the line from a civil case to a criminal one.

In either instance, you’ll want top-shelf legal representation, and here in Texas, you can find few better firms for the job than Holladay Law Firm.

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While we can’t guarantee results, our firm prides itself on doing everything we can to help our clients get real results, including a $250,000 spinal cord injury settlement.

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