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How Does a Personal Injury Attorney Help After an Accident?

How Does a Personal Injury Attorney Help After an Accident?

If you are injured and need to file an insurance claim, a Spring, TX personal injury lawyer can help maximize your financial recovery in many ways. Never hesitate to learn about how an attorney can help.

Injuries can be costly, and the weeks following an accidental injury can be stressful. You might watch medical bills pile up while you are unable to work and earn your usual income. You have a good idea who was responsible for your accident, and you know you should file an insurance claim against that party. Do you really need to hire a personal injury lawyer in this situation? Can’t you save money and handle the process yourself?

The reality is that a Spring, TX personal injury attorney can be highly beneficial during the injury claim process. We have experience handling injury cases, and we know how to get you the full compensation you deserve. Too often, unrepresented injury victims end up with settlements that are insufficient, which means they have to cover some of their losses out of their own pockets. We work to avoid this situation, and the right lawyer can help in the following ways and more.

Identifying All Sources of Liability

If another driver hit your car and caused you injuries, you might assume that driver should be the liable party. However, there might be additional sources of liability that can help to ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation you deserve. For example:

  • If that driver was working at the time, their employer could also be vicariously liable
  • If the driver was working as a rideshare driver at the time, the rideshare company’s insurance might apply
  • If you were working at the time of the crash, you might qualify for workers’ compensation in addition to your third-party claim
  • If the driver lost control due to a tire blowout or failed brakes, the auto manufacturer might be liable

As you can see, liability can be complicated. You want to identify and file all possible insurance claims to have the best chance of maximum financial recovery.

Calculating Your Losses

When you are filing your claim, you need to demand a certain amount of money to cover your losses. However, many injury victims grossly underestimate the value of their losses. You might look at your medical bills and lost hours from work and request that amount, though there can be much more. We know how to calculate estimated losses for future medical care and future lost earnings, as well as calculate noneconomic losses for pain and suffering, permanent disabilities, and more.

Negotiating With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies know that most injured claimants are unfamiliar with the process. This allows them to use tactics to convince claimants to accept low settlements, so the insurance companies can increase profits. By having an attorney handling your claim, you have someone who will negotiate to increase a settlement offer to an amount that covers all of your losses. We can escalate the matter to court if needed, and insurance companies know that they cannot use the same tricks and tactics on experienced attorneys.

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