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Multiple Injuries from Pedestrian Collisions

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Multiple Injuries from Pedestrian Collisions

Multiple Injuries from Pedestrian Collisions

Pedestrian accidents can cause trauma to multiple parts of the body, which can result in multiple injuries that need medical care. Learn about your legal options from a Spring, TX pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible.

When you head out to walk – whether for transportation or exercise – you likely do not think, “I should put on my helmet first.” This is because the large majority of pedestrians do not wear any protective gear like cyclists do. This leaves pedestrians completely vulnerable if they get hit by a car.

Drivers should always take proper care to avoid pedestrian accidents and injuries. However, Texas continues to be a particularly dangerous state for pedestrians. In a recent year, Texas made the top-five list for pedestrian fatalities, and 10 percent of the nationwide pedestrian deaths occurred within Texas. If you got hit by a car while walking and suffered injuries, you want the help of a Spring, TX pedestrian accident lawyer right away.

Physical Trauma to Pedestrians

Even small motor vehicles weigh thousands of pounds, and occupants have seat belts, airbags, and metal frames to protect them in a crash. On the other hand, the average adult weighs 170 to 200 pounds (and much less for children) and has no protection at all. It is not hard to imagine why severe physical trauma can result from a vehicle-pedestrian collision.

When a car hits a pedestrian, their body first suffers the initial trauma from the vehicle impact. Then, the impact might throw the pedestrian down onto the pavement or into another object, such as a streetlight post. If the vehicle is moving faster, the pedestrian might get sent over the hood of the car, hitting the car multiple times before landing on the pavement.

These multiple points of impact can result in multiple injuries from a single collision. Some common injuries that pedestrians sustain include:

  • Fractures – Multiple bones can crack or break in pedestrian accidents, including severe compound fractures
  • Soft tissue injuries – Soft tissue can twist, stretch, or tear if a pedestrian moves in unnatural ways during the accident
  • Brain injury – Concussion and more severe brain injuries are highly common if a pedestrian suffers trauma to the head in an accident
  • Spinal injury – Trauma to the spine is also common and might even result in lifelong paralysis
  • Internal injuries – Trauma to the abdomen can fracture ribs or cause damage to your vital organs, including your lungs, spleen, and more
  • Crush injuries – If a pedestrian gets under a vehicle tire or otherwise pinned by a vehicle, it can crush a limb
  • Laceration and amputation – Pedestrians can suffer serious lacerations, which might even lead to the amputation of a digit, extremity, or limb

All of these injuries need emergency medical care, and this need can increase with multiple injuries. Sustaining two or more injuries can also increase your medical bills, as well as your overall recovery time. Pedestrians with multiple injuries often incur overwhelming losses.

How a Spring, TX Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Can Help

At the Holladay Law Firm, we know that injuries from pedestrian collisions can be life-changing. Contact us online or call 1-800-900-3319 to have our legal team evaluate your rights and advise how our Spring, TX pedestrian accident lawyers can help.