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Insurance Companies Limit Payments

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How Insurance Companies Limit Payments on Injury Claims

How Insurance Companies Limit Payments on Injury Claims

It’s no secret that insurance companies use sneaky methods to try and limit compensation amounts for injury claims. And unfortunately, their methods sometimes work. But what tactics do insurance companies use, exactly? Is it necessary to contact an attorney? Read on to find out.

After an accident, you’ll need to deal, or more appropriately, battle with an insurance provider to make sure that you get the compensation that you really deserve. Depending on the specific circumstances of your injury claim, you may be able to receive a substantial amount, and the insurance provider will know that denying your claim simply won’t be possible. However, this does not stop you from trying to limit the payment you receive.

Because insurance companies can be so adept at minimizing settlements, always have the help of a Spring, TX personal injury attorney for your injury claim.

Insurance Companies are Professionals When it Comes to Limiting Claim Payments

Insurance companies always seek to pay off claims using as little funds as possible by dragging out the claims process and trying to intimidate injured parties. But once they learn that a claim is worth a significant amount of money, which the injured party will probably receive if the claim becomes a lawsuit, the insurer will suddenly switch gears and pressure the injured party into accepting a quick settlement that’s significantly less than the claim’s true worth. The insurance provider will then try underhanded tactics to justify why it’s in your best interest to accept their offer immediately.

Insurance Companies Will Question the Validity of Your Claim to Limit or Deny Liability

Insurers typically use this tactic when offering a low settlement amount to make you think that you are not entitled to compensation and that you should accept whatever settlement they offer. They may also claim that you were partly to blame for the accident and that you should’ve taken greater care and paid better attention to avoid the accident. By making you think that you had a hand in the accident, you may believe that their offer is justified and that you won’t be able to recover anything if you don’t accept the settlement right away.

Insurance Companies Will Argue that the Cause of Your Symptoms are due to Previous Injuries

Insurance providers will argue that the accident resulted in nonexistent or negligible effects to warrant a claim and that you’re experiencing pain right now because of past injuries. Fortunately, the insurer is required under law to compensate injured parties for pre-existing conditions and injuries that have been exacerbated by the accident.

Insurance Companies Will Argue that You are Exaggerating Your Injuries

Insurance companies will investigate your medical records to try and look for any inconsistencies and errors to weaken your claim. When justifying their low offer, they’ll claim that your injuries do not warrant a higher compensation because they are not as serious as you’re claiming or that the medical treatment you received was unnecessary or unreasonable. This is why lawyers always remind people to document their medical treatments properly after an accident, as this can serve as evidence for their claim.

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