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Fatal Aircraft Crash in Texas

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2020 | Aviation Accidents

Fatal Aircraft Crash in Texas

While aviation accidents are not as common as traffic crashes, they still happen more than you might think and often result in life-threatening injuries. If you or a loved one was involved in an aviation crash, contact an aviation accident attorney in Spring, Texas.

We hear about traffic crashes almost every day on the news throughout the State of Texas, and we might not give much consideration to other types of transportation crashes. However, even relatively safe forms of transportation come with the risk of accidents and serious injuries, and this includes flying. If you are injured while flying or lost a loved one, contact a Spring, TX aviation accident attorney right away.

Recent Texas Aviation Crash

Across the state, a single-engine Cessna plane crashed in a backyard last week. The plane was reportedly approaching the Lubbock airport when it came down, and the pilot did not survive. Fortunately, no one else was in the plane, and the crash did not injure anyone on the ground. Investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) were on-site, though the news did not report a specific cause for the crash.

Liability for Plane Crashes

Air travel – whether in a small aircraft or a major commercial airliner – is a highly complex matter. It involves many different parties to ensure that people get safely in and out of the air, and this usually happens with little issue. However, there are occasions, such as the one discussed above, when air travel has devastating results.

If someone is injured or killed in an aviation crash, can they or their families recover compensation like other types of accident victims? The answer is often yes, though determining which parties should be responsible can be a complicated task. Parties that might be liable in plane crashes include:

Pilots – When a pilot is at the helm of an aircraft, they should be properly trained and in the right mindset to operate the plane with necessary care and attention. When a pilot makes errors, crashes might result. Pilots might try to operate an aircraft when they are overly fatigued or even intoxicated, and this can have devastating results.

Airlines – Airlines who employ negligent pilots can be held liable for any harm that results from the pilot’s actions. In addition, airlines can engage in negligent hiring and supervision of pilots and other staff, fail to meet safety regulations on their planes, and more.

Air traffic controllers – All planes – whether large or small – should always listen to the instructions of air traffic controllers. But what happens when the air traffic controllers make mistakes? Control towers that clear a plane for takeoff when they shouldn’t or lose track of planes in the sky can cause deadly crashes.

Plane manufacturers – Some aircraft are simply defective from the start due to mistakes by manufacturers. If technology or other parts of a plane have defective design or are not assembled properly, lives can be taken. We learned this in recent years with the Boeing 737 Max and resulting crashes.

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