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Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

While motorcycles are a tremendous joy to ride. But due to their small size and lack of protection compared to other motor vehicles, an accident involving a motorcycle has the potential to be far more serious than other types of crashes.

Understanding common types of motorcycle accidents can help you avoid them. If any of these incidents happen to you, it is imperative to obtain experienced legal counsel from a qualified personal injury lawyer.

The following are the most common types of motorcycle accidents in the United States:

Left-turn collisions. According to the Insurance Institute for National Highway Safety, 42% of two-vehicle fatal motorcycle collisions involved a vehicle turning left while a motorcycle was going straight, passing or overtaking the vehicle. Due to a motorcycle’s smaller size, it is often less visible to other drivers in a turning vehicle.

Head-on collisions. This type of crash occurs when the front ends of two vehicles collided into one another. Head-on collisions between a motorcycle and a car after typically fatal for the motorcyclist, despite wearing proper safety gear.

Lane splitting. When a motorcyclist drives between two lanes of stopped or slow moving vehicles. These accidents are often caused by the limited space the motorcyclist has to maneuver and the fact that other motorists do not anticipate motorcycles will be passing them when traffic is slowed or stopped.

Open door or dooring. Drivers often do not see or expect a motorcyclist coming when they open their door in the rider’s path. It is imperative for a motorist to check their surroundings next to other vehicles and the road before opening their doors.

Poor road conditions. Hazards such as potholes, motor oil, and grease can result in a motorcyclist losing control of their motorcycles.

Intoxication. A great deal of motorcycle accidents are caused by a rider who was speeding or under the influence.

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