Attorney Jason Holladay

Payments and Contingencies At Holladay Law Firm, PLLC

You Don’t Pay Unless We Win.

At the Holladay Law Firm, you never pay us anything ever for your personal injury claim, unless we either settle your case or get a favorable judgment at trial. At that point, we take a portion of the money award as our fee, which means you never have to write us a check. This is referred to as a contingency fee. Our fee is contingent upon making a recovery for you.

How Does a Contingency Fee Work?

A contingency fee is typically based upon a percentage of the settlement or award you receive as a result of your personal injury claim. The most common arrangement is to have a tiered fee arrangement. In Texas, the fee is generally 33.33% of your recovery if the case settles before filing a lawsuit, 40% if the case settles after, and 45% if the case is appealed.

Do Contingency Fees Include Expenses?

No. At the Holladay Law Firm, we spend money up front on your behalf to investigate, collect evidence, and litigate your personal injury lawsuit. If we obtain a recovery in your favor, these expenses are reimbursed to us in addition to the contingency fee.

Why is a Contingency Fee Beneficial for a Personal Injury Claim?

The other way an attorney can be paid is hourly. Most people cannot afford to pay the hourly cost of an attorney up front, in addition to the costs incurred. These costs can add up very quickly. What’s more, this money is due regardless of whether you ever collect damages for your injuries.

Contingency fee agreements provide an opportunity for personal injury victims to get justice regardless of their financial standing. It also insures they are not left with costly legal fees if they lose their case. Finally, since your attorney does not get paid unless you collect a damages award, your attorney has an incentive to work quickly and effectively to resolve your case rather than continuing to collect an hourly fee over a long period of time.